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Leading Change in an Age of
Digital Transformation

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The upcoming Live Virtual session takes place live and online between 08.30 to 12.30 CET. For exact details of the programme’s times, please get in touch with the Programme Advisor.

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NEW! Live Virtual session now available

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is now offered via live virtual platform, allowing you to experience the same course content and INSEAD faculty as the on-campus sessions, from anywhere in the world.

The programme has been specially designed to ensure that the length and format will maximise your learning. As with our on-campus session, the programme will give you the competitive insights to avoid the critical pitfalls and drive long-term success.

  • Maximise your learning with specially designed 1-on-1 consultation with programme director – Professor Stewart Black
  • Expand your network opportunities with peers leading strategic changes in their organisations
  • Leave with a concrete plan for your own digital transformation initiative.

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It’s not the technology: it’s the people and processes

As digital disruption continues to reshape industries, organisations are under enormous pressure to stay ahead of the competition. But it is a challenge. More than 80% of digital transformations fail. Many of these initiatives perform so badly that they are abandoned; others fall so far short of their goals with such high costs that they provide little to negative returns.

The problem is not the new technologies or systems themselves. Most digital transformations fail because of inadequate or ad hoc management of people and processes.

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is an immersive and experiential programme designed for senior executives leading digital transformation initiatives in their organisation. This advanced programme for digital leaders gives you the understanding and the competitive insights to avoid the critical pitfalls and drive long-term success.

Together with INSEAD faculty and leaders from a diversity of sectors, you will explore the complex change dynamics of digital transformation across three distinct phases: Initial Ignition, Lift-off and Launch, and Sustained Success. You will dig deep into the unique risk factors involved in each of these three phases, using grounded but practical frameworks and leveraging specific tools to address the real-world challenges in each phase of the transformation through to ultimate success.

The programme empowers you to beat the odds and ensure that your organisation captures all the advantages of digital disruption, today and tomorrow.

How you benefit

  • Enhance your understanding of the unique aspects of leading digital transformation change
  • Elevate key skills in change leadership relative to people and process across all three stages of digital transformation - Initial Ignition, Lift-off and Launch and Sustained Success
  • Leave with a concrete action plan for your own digital transformation initiative.

Participant profile

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is designed for senior executives and senior middle managers who lead strategic change related to digital transformation initiatives in their organisations. While individual participants are completely welcome, it is beneficial for several managers within the same organisation (up to three managers) to come together as existing or potential members of a digital transformation initiative team.

This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Featured interview with
programme director Stewart Black

Side-stepping the three reasons most companies fail to transform digitally

The possibilities are exciting. At the same time, the pace is such that those who lag are likely to find themselves not only falling behind and finishing last, but cut out of the race all together.

An interview with Stewart Black, Programme Director of the Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation programme.

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In times of chaos and turbulence the pressure to deliver and make the final call can be challenging. It is during these times that crafting space for reflexion, developing self-awareness and exploring biases is key.

INSEAD's new on-demand coaching offers four one-to-one sessions with one of our highly experienced coaches - providing you with the tools and insights to become a better and more reflective leader.

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